A means to capitalize on our society's constant and ever-growing need for electricity


Energy is simply too valuable a resource to give away. A small retail business pays between $2000-$3300 per year on electricity, which could be the difference between financial peace and financial uncertainty. Money spent on the electric bill is a waste that provides barriers to businesses succeeding and growing - 82% of businesses that failed cited a stagnation of cash flow as the reason for failure. Don’t be one of the majority!


Charge 4 Charge turns the need for electricity into an income source for the average business owner, maximizing profits per customer, and decreasing the number of customers who use space without providing revenue. Let your electricity work for you!

How C4C Works

Charge 4 Charge a service with a device that covers electrical outlets, metering them out to the public and giving the owners a source of revenue from customers who previously provided no revenue. C4C has a feature that unlocks if the customer has provided revenue, such as buying a drink or food, that will ensure paying customers are not driven away. If a drink or food is not bought, the customers can pay to unlock the device, or can watch an advertisement provided by the venue to receive power. Don’t neglect the opportunity to use your electricity to boost your top line!